NEB contract address

How to add NEB Tokens to your wallet?

You will need to use or any similar wallet which supports ERC20 Token.

To start with, create wallet account and use a password.
Keystore File is generated automatically, then you’ll need to save all information in a secure place!

Go to the View Wallet Info section authorize via select the Keystore File (UTC / JSON) or any other method of authorization you have chosen.

Enter your File and previously saved password.

Go to View Wallet info section, authorize same way you did it before and proceed to add the NEB Token.

You need a section on the right named Token Balances.
Click Add Custom Token button.
Enter the NEB contract data.
Token symbol: NEB
Decimals: 3
Contract address is 0xBac8B35Bad0E87B57f1C15AC2049E0eF78A1c752
Or use the copy button at the top of instructions page and press save.

Update the balance by clicking Load Token Balance.
Now you can see the NEB in Token Section and the balance will be 0.

Important! We recommend only after you have added NEB Token to wallet you can use this wallet for investing.
If you do it the wrong way our support will help you to claim your NEB Tokens.