Exness Web Terminal

Exness Web Terminal is a browser-based trading platform provided by reputable Forex and CFD broker Exness. As a web-based solution, traders can access powerful trading capabilities directly from a modern web browser without the need to download any software. This terminal aims to provide powerful features along with an intuitive interface.

Key Features Exness Web Terminal

Exness Web Terminal is a web trader app that is compatible with all Exness trading account types supported by Exness MetaTrader 5. This means you can trade on over one hundred popular CFDs including forex, metals, indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks and commodities. Here are some of the main features of the Exness web terminal:

No download, no installation

You can trade on the Exness web terminal directly from your browser without having to download Exness or install any additional programs. This saves you time and disk space, and also makes switching between devices easier.

Every symbol in one place

The Exness web terminal gives you access to every single instrument provided by Exness. From the Watchlist, you can monitor real-time prices, spreads and more for every available CFD. You can also switch between charts with a single click and instantly open new ones whenever you want.

One-Click Trading Mode

The Exness web terminal allows you to open and close orders instantly by choosing the instrument from the tile list, and use the Limit Order field for pending orders. You can also adjust your take profit and stop loss levels, as well as your leverage settings, from the same screen.

Comprehensive analysis

The Exness web terminal includes over 40 in-built, customizable indicators and an economic calendar. You can also use a variety of charts, timeframes, drawing tools and other analytical features provided by TradingView, a leading provider of charting solutions.

Speed and security

Exness Web Terminal is a fast and reliable web trader app that uses HTML5 technology and securely encrypts information and data while transferring it. You can also enable two-factor authentication for additional security of your account.

Getting Started with Exness Web Terminal

To start trading with the Exness Web Terminal, you need an Exness account and a compatible web browser. You can use any of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register at Exness. Once you have an account, you can follow these steps to access the Exness web terminal:

  1. Log in to your personal area on the Exness website.
  2. Click the Trade button next to the MT5 account you want to use. You can also create a new MT5 account from the Personal Area if you do not have one yet.
  3. Select Exness Web Terminal from the pop-up window. The web terminal will open in a new tab with you logged in with your MT5 account.
  4. Select the instrument you wish to trade from the watchlist on the left side of the screen. You can also search for an instrument by typing its name or symbol in the search box.
  5. Click the Buy or Sell button to open a market order, or the Pending button to open a pending order.
Exness MetaTrader WebTerminal Interface.
  1. Click on the Confirm button to place your order. If your order is executed successfully you will see a confirmation message and hear a sound.
  2. You can monitor your open orders, account balance, equity, margin and other information from the toolbox at the bottom of the screen. You can also view your order history, journal and economic calendar from the Toolbox tab.
  3. To close an order, you can either click the Close button on the Orders tab, or right-click on the order on the chart and select Close Order. You can also modify or delete an order by right-clicking it and choosing the appropriate option.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Exness Web Terminal

Some of the key advantages of the Exness web terminal are:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly web interface
  • Powerful charting and technical analysis tools
  • Access to a wide range of trading instruments and order types
  • Tight spreads and quick execution through top liquidity providers
  • Great security protocols to protect money and data
  • Seamless integration with other Exness trading platforms

Potential pitfalls faced by traders:

  • Variables may experience interruptions during trading sessions
  • Lacks some advanced features found on desktop platforms like MT4/5
  • Custom indicators require coding knowledge as opposed to plug-and-play on MT4/5
  • Unlike MT4/5 Exness is responsible for terminal maintenance/downtime

Overall, the Exness Web Terminal offers traders accessible entry to global markets through a simplified interface without sacrificing core trading capabilities – for short or long term strategies.

Comparison of the Exness Web Terminal With Other Exness Trading Terminals

Exness provides traders access to the financial markets through 3 main platforms – Exness Web Terminal, Exness MT4 and MT5. Here is a comparison of web terminals:

Against MetaTrader 4/5:

  • Simpler and more intuitive web interface than the MT4/5 desktop application
  • Limited customization compared to the famously flexible MT platform
  • Unable to run all MT4/5 custom scripts or EA unmodified
  • Tighter spreads on average compared to MT platforms
  • Shared authentication and account balances, seamless transition between platforms
Exness MT4 Demo.
Exness MT5 Demo.

Against the Exness CopyTrade platform:

  • Offers full control trading compared to following signals on CopyTrade
  • A range of tradable instruments beyond just Forex
  • Advanced charting and indicators not available on simplified CopyTrade platform
  • No minimum deposit as opposed to the $200 requirement for CopyTrade followers

The web terminal strikes an effective balance between simplified functionality and power trading tools compared to Exness’s other platforms. With seamless integration, traders can take advantage of the strengths of each platform.


For any trader, whether a beginner or experienced, Exness’ feature-packed web terminal provides a reliable and accessible gateway into global trading – no downloads required. With an intuitive layout on both desktop and mobile, robust trading tools, cost spreads, and integrated account management, the terminal brings efficient trading to modern web browsers.

It may lack some advanced customization compared to other platforms like MT4/5, but it presents a simple experience for implementing trading strategies that extend into fundamental, technical, manual or automated analysis. Everything is backed by Exness’s liquidity and security excellence. For trading on the go, the web terminal provides simple access.

Questions to Ask

Registration is done by opening a regular Exness trading account on Exness.com or mobile apps. These account credentials are then used to log in online and access the web terminal. No need to register separately for web platform only.

Withdrawals are initiated under your profile menu in the payments section on the web terminal. Enter withdrawal details such as method and amount, then submit the withdrawal. Requests are usually processed within 1 business day. The terminal interfaces with your Exness account which handles all payment transactions.

No installation required. The web terminal is completely browser based, so it can be accessed from any modern internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. by directly logging into your trading account on the Exness website, no downloading required.

Yes, the terminal is fully responsive with mobile optimization on both iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. Simply navigate to Exness.com on your device's browser, log in to your account, and access a web-based terminal with touch functionality built for small screens. This allows you to trade while on the go.