Exness Account Verification

Opening an account with a reputable forex broker like Exness gives traders access to global currency markets. However, to access full functionality and features, users are required to complete a verification process. Verifying your Exness account links your account to your identity for security and regulatory purposes.

The Exness verification process usually involves submitting personal identification documents. This confirms that you are the legitimate account holder. Proving your identity gives you higher withdrawal limits and enhanced trading capabilities. Overall, it gives you full access to reliable services from a regulated broker.

It only takes a few minutes to complete account verification. Exness offers a quick online process. Simply log into your Exness broker profile and upload scanned copies or photos of your government ID. Valid documents include passport and national driver’s license. The verification team will then manually verify your information. In most cases, customers receive confirmation immediately.

Maintaining verified account status gives you access to Exness’s full platform and instruments, including the ability to deposit and withdraw more funds. Verification simplifies future payments, allowing Exness to securely process transactions with your linked payment services. Through the Exness app, traders can effortlessly manage these transactions and maintain access to live accounts anywhere, anytime.

Exness Account Verification

By verifying your Exness account you demonstrate that you are a legitimate client who meets the AML and KYC regulations that forex brokers follow. This compliance helps ensure market transparency and security.

Submitting your ID documents enables two-factor verification, which links your account to your personal information. This provides additional security from unauthorized access.

Once confirms your identity, it greatly increases the Exness minimum deposit and withdrawal limits, allowing for greater efficiency in raising funds and withdrawing profits.

Verification provides the ability to trade new instruments such as cryptocurrencies and manage trades using advanced order types such as stop loss.

Exness reduces a trader’s costs by reducing spreads on certain currency pairs and plans to reward verified users and increase potential profit per pip movement.

By matching your account with your registered identity, Exness can securely use instant payment systems and channels, ensuring fast and efficient Exness deposits or withdrawals. This means faster transaction times for you.

Verified users get access to comprehensive Exness client services with features like priority support lines and quick responses from agents through more communication channels.

The main advantages are better security, lower costs, more features to empower trading, and trickling down to superior service – which makes account verification highly beneficial.

Exness Account Verification Process

To verify your Exness account to access full features you will need to submit personal identification documents to confirm that you are the legitimate profile owner. By following these steps, you can complete identity verification in just a few minutes:

Step 1: Log in to Your Exness Account

First, if you have not yet created an account, you can register at Exness by visiting www.exness.com. Once registered, log in using your username and password. After logging in, go to your account dashboard.

Log in to Exness - Sign in.

Step 2: Click “Verify Account”

In your Exness account dashboard menu, find the Identity Verification option. Click “Verify Account” or similar option to get started.

Click on Verify Exness Account

Step 3: Verify Email and Phone Number

Make sure the email address listed in your Exness profile is valid and active. Confirm functionality by clicking on any verification links sent during the process. Also verify that your primary phone number is correct and that you can reach it. The role of receiving security codes via text SMS will play an important role going forward. Update any contact information if necessary before proceeding.

Verify Exness Email
Verify Exness Phone Number

Step 4: Enter Personal Information

On this page, accurately enter your full valid first and last name as it appears on your government ID documents, which you will soon submit. Also enter your physical address, city, zip code and country that matches your residence. Finally provide your valid date of birth in MM/DD/YYYY format – all personal data to reflect information that can be verified through your ID.

Enter personal information

Step 5: Share Trading History

Allowing Exness to access limited visibility into your account’s recent trading activity gives them more context and confirmation that your profile demonstrates consistent, legitimate use consistent with the identity you have stated. This provides them with certainty that you are the true account owner. Rest assured that they cannot directly access or manipulate your open trades or orders.

Exness Submit valid identity document

Step 6: Submit Valid Identity Documents

Government-issued identity verification documents such as passports, national ID cards, or drivers licenses must meet certain criteria. They should include:

  1. Remain valid in the present, do not expire
  2. Clearly display your full name, photo, date of birth and ID number
  3. Have high resolution color scan or photo showing all four corners
  4. Matches the personal information previously entered

If prompted, submit the front and back of the identification card.

Step 7: Submit Proof of Residence

As supplementary proof of address, upload a color scan or clear photo of any official bill, bank statement, government letter, or similar correspondence not older than 3 months. Make sure that your name and current residential address is visible. Like ID documents, proof of residence must also connect to previously entered data.

Exness Submit Proof of Residence

Step 8: Complete Video Verification

For an additional layer of verification, Exness may request you to complete a live video call at the end of the process. Be prepared to have your document checklist readily available and answer questions on details like your funding source when the agent compares your video feed to the submitted ID scan.

Remaining helpful and patient while clearly showing your face and verification documentation to the representative helps the process. Once satisfied, the agent formally approves your account for full verified status.

This simplified process results in instant verification to unlock access to the full potential of your Exness account!

Document Requirements for Verification

To successfully verify your Exness trading account, the identity document you submit must meet certain requirements enforced by stringent regulations. Keep these key criteria in mind when creating content to avoid delays:

  • Government issued and valid – Documents must be officially issued by authorized government bodies in your country of residence and must be currently valid, not expired. This includes passport, national identity card, driver’s license etc.
  • Shows legal name – Your full legal first and last name in the document must match exactly with the name registered on the Exness account.
  • Photo displays – A clear, high-quality facial photo is required that enables visual identification confirmation. Black and white copies will not suffice.
  • Shows date of birth – The exact date of birth listed in the Exness profile must be present on the identification to confirm your identity and that you meet the platform’s minimum age requirement.
  • Identification Number Features – Official ID numbers are present on most documents and should be read clearly. These serve as reference points when validating identity.
  • High resolution color scans/photos – Images or scans of documents should capture all four corners, essential details, security holograms, etc., with sufficient resolution and sharpness so that Exness staff can manually review and match your data.

Submitting identification documents that meet these key criteria provides optimal time for the verification process to be completed. Checking that your content adheres to the documentation requirements guarantees a smooth experience to unlock access to the full capabilities of your Exness account. Contact Customer Support for any other specific questions on validation standards or processes.

How Long Does It Take for Your Exness Account to Be Verified?

The Exness identity verification process is usually completed within 1-3 days under normal circumstances. This includes the time required for Exness staff to manually review the documents you submit and validate that they meet all the criteria. Once approved, you immediately get access to features like higher transaction limits and low spreads.

In rare cases, obstacles such as unclear scans or mismatching personal details require content to be reproduced. This may extend the deadline by up to 5 days. Keep documentation requirements in mind, and maintain clear communication with support personnel to avoid any blockages. Overall, verification enables full access quickly, allowing you to maximize your opportunities through a trusted broker.

Possible Problems During Exness Verification

Although Exness strives to make verification seamless, some issues can complicate the process:

  • Ambiguous Identity Document Scan/Photo
  • Mismatch between account data and ID details
  • Suspicious IP location or changing IP
  • Invalid or unverifiable proof of address
  • Suspected Fraudulent Account Activity
  • Unable to pass video verification assessment

Carefully following all document specifications, keeping Exness updated on any profile changes, maintaining continuous access, and demonstrating validity when questioned eliminate most complications.

Exness trading account types

Is There a Possibility of Using Exness Without Verification?

Technically yes – opening an Exness account enables basic access to the financial markets before identity confirmation. However, unverified accounts have strict limits such as a maximum $100 deposit and withdrawal, a demo-only platform, and basic customer support. Real money trading options, fund security, and the entire Exness trading experience, including access to advanced trading platforms like Exness MT4 and Exness MT5, depend on completing account verification correctly with valid ID. While it is technically possible to operate without documents for a brief period, verification remains important in the long run for accessing full trading capabilities.


The Exness verification process is usually completed within 1-3 business days. This includes time for manual review of your documents. Making sure they meet all the requirements speeds up access to confirmation and verified account features.

Verified Exness accounts unlock increased deposit/withdrawal limits, lower trading costs and spreads, access to more products and platforms, better customer service with priority support, and improved security with two factor verification.

A $100 withdrawal limit applies to prevent the transfer of any significant funds to unverified Exness accounts. Account verification is mandatory to withdraw any higher amount. Verification confirms your identity, ensuring safe and convenient withdrawals.

You can ensure verification by carefully following the documentation criteria, double-checking all personal details to ensure they match your ID, maintaining clear communication with support personnel, and completing any additional requests as quickly as possible. Can speed up. This facilitates quick review and approval.

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