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For forecasting exchange rates of cryptocurrencies
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How it works?

The neural network collects and analyses data 24/7 and provides forecasts for various cryptocurrencies’ exchange rates. There are three types of forecasts: for 24 hours, for 48 hours and for one week. Depending on the type of forecast and the chosen cryptocurrency, the accuracy of the forecast spans within the range of 70-90%.
The project is targeted at anybody interested in trading. It provides an accurate and uncomplicated platform that is clearly comprehensive for all levels of trader. It cuts though the time wasting miniscule details to provide a stream line analysis of market information. It aids traders to channel their strength into more worthwhile and important projects rather then consume them with pages of unnecessary data. This project opens up possibilities for newcomers who are just entering the exchange trade, serving as a powerful, reliable user friendly tool.
The analysis takes less than a second and comprises the essential aspects of technical analysis, such as technical analysis patterns and signal indicators.
NeuroBot’s algorithm is based on LSTM-network (Long short-term memory) coupled with Gradient Boosting - another machine learning technique.
The program will be further enriched by introducing the remaining elements of technical analysis (Fibonacci retracement, Elliot wave theory) and fundamental analysis, which will include news analysis to determine the positive and negative tendencies of the market.
Thanks to the abilities of neural networks, NeuroBot is constantly learning to better correspond to the state of the market, to make more accurate forecasts and improve the quality of the resulting work.

The forecasts

The forecasts are updated every 30 minutes



Elliott wave theory

Our forecasts will implement the Elliot wave theory. New currencies will be added, which will create improvements to the algorithm.

Basic analysis of market news

The NeuroBot implements the market news, providing even more accuracy.

API for trading systems

The launch of the beta NeuroBot API will provide stable data for different trading platforms.

Improved news analysis

Grouping news into semantic chains according to the positive and negative scenarios. This will enable NeuroBot to predict the emerging of news critical to the market.

Adding new trading instruments

Forecasting tokens. The overall improvement in accuracy of the algorithm.

The release version of Neurobot

Run the release version API for developing trading robots.


Frequently Asked Questions

Since this is an alpha version of the NeuroBot, we use different algorithms to predict the rates of cryptocurrencies for 24 hours, 48 hours and a week. Soon we will implement a unified algorithm for all charts and in the next few updates the graphics will not be different.
We use the time zone 00:00 UTC on the Poloniex exchange. In future updates we will add different time zones.
Forecast accuracy varies from 70 to 99%. Graphic forecasts are updated and rebuilt every 30 minutes. We are also testing the algorithm of the news analysis and we will soon implement it. After that, the forecast accuracy will be even higher!
At the moment we use a free library of charts from the echarts( In the future we plan to add usefull and convenient graphics: It will take time. In the meantime, you can check the forecasts on the current charts!
We recomend 48 hour BTC it is the most accurate this days
We are an international team from the United Kingdom, Israel, Thailand and Russia.